The Terrific Thanksgiving Turkey

October 5, 2012 | Posted in: Infographics

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Although everything is pumpkin flavoured for the fall season, Turkey is still the star of Thanksgiving dinner.  In Canada, the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is around $49.20. While this can cause a serious dent in a family’s grocery budget, this meal can end up being a money-saver.

Many people groan and shudder at the thought of leftover turkey for weeks after the big meal. Consider the amount of meats you buy for your weekly meals. Turkey can probably be substituted for most of those, saving you a considerable amount of cash.  If the idea of leftovers still makes you cringe, at least Canadians have a solid two months between Thanksgiving and the next big turkey event. This is unlike our neighbours to the south probably still have leftovers by Christmas.

Turkey is also the most nutritious meat protein source when you compare the amount of protein to the amount of fat. The proof is in the picture, and that’s exactly what this infographic is all about. The Terrific Thanksgiving Turkey is the true star of Thanksgiving all around the world. On behalf of everyone at, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Link to full infographic:


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