The Evolution of School Supplies

August 27, 2012 | Posted in: Infographics
Back to School Infographic

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School has been around since roughly 425 AD. Ever wonder what back-to-school spending was like back then?

Nowadays, shopping for back to school supplies and clothing comes second only to Christmas/Holiday shopping. Each year, the average Canadian family spends more than the year before.  How did students survive the first day of school in 425 AD, when school supplies were limited to their own brains and ears?

School supplies as we know them now, didn’t really begin to evolve until the early 1970s, when necessities started to become commercialized. Each new school year meant a new lunch box with the latest, most popular cartoon or movie.  But that still meant nothing, unless you had the matching pencil case and backpack.

Flash-forward to 2012. Many schools have begun making laptops mandatory. Although you can get a laptop for less than $200, this is still a huge expense, many families have trouble affording. For families with multiple children, it can raise the cost of back to school shopping to an unaffordable level.

Whatever your back to school shopping list includes, it’s a fun lesson in itself to know the origins of each supply.  Share ‘The Evolution of School Supplies’ infographic and have fun reminiscing over first days of school gone by.

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