2012: 5 End-of-the-World Predictions Debunked

March 25, 2012 | Posted in: Infographics
End of the World Predictions

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Why is it that people are utterly obsessed with the end of the world? There are documented cases of people claiming to know the date the world would end, dating back to 992 A.D. Until it was proven by Christopher Columbus in 1492, many people refused to believe that Earth is round, yet they believed other humans could predict the date the world would end.

Thanks to Science and more effective methods of communication, less and less people panic over the majority of the world prophecies today. Still, people are putting a lot of weight into the prophecies of the Mayans. Perhaps the movie “2012″ helped to sensationalize these ideas, alerting a wider audience than anthropologists. The problem with the movie is the way the prophecies were translated.

The truth is that not even the top NASA scientists can predict the actual date the world will end. There are many who believe that humankind will put an end to each other long before the planet is exhausted. If there is still any doubt over the most recent Mayan predictions for this year, hopefully his infographic will put those fears to rest with reason.

Link to full infographic:

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